Friday, 23 September 2011

Endangered – but not dead (yet)

At the moment, the streets of Edinburgh are dotted with brightly coloured models of endangered animals. It’s a bit like the Cow Parade, only now there are tigers, elephants, crocodiles and exotic birds I cannot name. But spare a thought for the good old telephone box, I say: it’s been in danger for some twenty years or more, ever since Thatcher got her evil claws in and sold off what we rightly owned, even the very water from the sky.

But could they have made the film Local Hero without that iconic landmark?  Even Doctor Who has resorted to its lure. Think of all its uses, besides making that all-important phone-call when your mobile’s out of battery. What other booth has been so perfectly designed to provide adequate cover to urinate, procreate, or change into a superhero? 

And to prove it, Innocent Smoothie pays homage to the humble phone-box, with its cut-out superhero movie kit printed on the side of the 750ml mango and passion fruit carton.

Need we any more evidence: the phone-box is here to stay.

And Thatcher? (Is she dead yet? Check here:)


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