Thursday, 19 May 2011


There’s nothing much to say about this month’s picture. There’s not much to say about this month either.  A small matter of a Royal Wedding inspired me (if that’s the right word) to slough my Republican tendencies and jot a little ditty.  Sadly it went right over many ignorant heads – even supposedly educated, intelligent, privileged people – perhaps suspecting an anti-royalist agenda.  From me?!  Maybe they just don’t read Shakespeare, or wouldn’t spot a pun if it kicked them up the bum.

Windsor Wins Her

To tame a shrew,
He said, ‘I Will’
She said, ‘I do,’
– they did.

I’m only assuming that this happened, because I neither saw it on the TV nor read about it in the papers.  Whatever one thinks of this antiquated system, I have to admit that the present monarch is the best alternative to… well, whatever the alternative is. And of the future, as the trend of watering down both the Germanic and aristocratic blood continues, we are made to believe that the Royal Family is moving with the times.  Very enlightened, I’m sure.

Which brings me to the next in my sequence of pictures, Glasgow School Days.

One of my Dad’s old schools is now a pub, and this old lamp is not one of the themed fittings that adorn the bar.  It’s tucked away in a stairwell that leads, one way, to the pub kitchen, the other, to the classrooms upstairs that look much as they used to when my father was educated.  My father is one of the most knowledgeable people I know.  And the great thing is, his schooling didn’t cost him or his parents (at least, not directly) a penny. 

Now that’s what I call privilege.