Sunday, 31 July 2011

Out with the Old?

Here endeth a month of unremitting partying – for my parents, at least, who have spent every weekend in July celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary with friends, neighbours and family.  I attended two out of the four Occasions, before returning to the Festival City, which has been warming up for a similar month of partying.  In fact, if you include Film, Magic and Jazz, we’re already half way through.
For many, The Fringe is the festival, while others come here purely to see the Military Tattoo, which isn’t a festival as far as I’m concerned. It’s a far cry from the spirit of the original Festival, conceived as a ‘platform for the flowering of the human spirit’ after the horrific events of World War Two.  Nevertheless, as the hoards arrive, one thing is certain: there’ll be lots to celebrate, with plenty of drinking going on, and maybe an extra phone box or two on the menu.