Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Phone Box Fringe

The Fringe has arrived in Edinburgh, over a week before the Festival which it first skirted, and with it, the pouring rain which fails to dampen the human spirit, but thankfully waters-down the crowds on the Royal Mile just a little.  As always, I will be partaking of the Free Fringe (and some not-free also), as well as the Book, International, and Politics Festivals, but I probably won’t be commenting much here on what I see since my theme for this year is phone-boxes and Glasgow School-Days.  In the spirit of History: here, from last year’s Festival Season, is a phone-box which came and went – much like the rain. (Having said that, the rain doesn’t seem to be going “any time soon.”) Here’s proof, then, that the sun does shine, even in August. Even in the rain...

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